The Wolf Moon is one of the named full moons in some forms of "Moon Lore." It is the Full moon of January by prominent accounts (though some have used the name for the full moon of December also).

I am writing this on 2015·01·04 in my location, and 2015·01·05 UT globally, and intend to probably create some pages for moon lore and sun lore in coming days, as related to various notions of celebrations people regularly make, in various utopian and non-utopian arrangements of society.

This Day of the Wolf Moon of 2015, has become one in which I have become firmly resolved to be more active here, on probably an almost daily basis, for some time to come.

Many are the Ideas that are related to various ideas people have of Utopia, and I intend to increasingly develop this site as one for the exploration and presentation of MANY diverse ideas, and invitations to discussion upon them. I am really only just beginning in earnest on this now, and hope to have added quite a bit of significant material within the next week or so, and might substantially trim, expand or develop various pages here in the coming month. ~ Ananke (talk) 00:51, January 5, 2015 (UTC)

  • I certainly was not as active in the previous year as I had intended to be — but am gearing up to become far more active than it was possible for me to previously be, this year. I write this short memo, as I remain busy with other things — but on this first full day after the occurrence of the New Moon which happened last night, I hope to begin a new era of activity here, and probably attend to better organizing and presenting things here, before the fortnight prior to the full moon has passed. I still have many other things to attend to today — and this coming week — but already have begun to prepare much material for posting here within coming weeks and months. Blessings to ALL and ALL. ~ Ananke (talk) 17:40, January 10, 2016 (UTC)