Uth or UTH and other variants of these are terms I have long used to indicate "Ultimate Truth", "Vital Truth" or "Crucial truths".

It will take time for me to explain some of the many reasons for this, probably only gradually over many months or perhaps years, and I have many other things to attend to this Leap Day of this Leap Year. I am only checking in here briefly — to make a very brief note of that here, as I proceed to take a leap of faith of my ability to explicate many things further, within the coming month, and year, and I hope many years into the future.

I am being jovially humorous and soberly sorrowful and sincere and serious about the complexities of many things, at the same time (as I very often am inclined to be), but it will take much time to make clear many of the ways that this has been so, and why I am making even brief note of it here today.

I do expect to be increasingly active here over the next month, organizing and adding material, but I remain very busy with many other things, and know I am likely to be constantly busy on many other things for months to come, and have time to spare for work here, only as other more urgent matters permit, even if they are not of themselves so important or significant as some of the things I eventually intend to do here. ~ THUS IT IS. ~ Ananke (talk) 22:44, February 29, 2016 (UTC) + tweaks