There were a few things I had wanted to say that were silly and amusing regarding Utopia and Utopian ideas, but I've been busy with other silly and serious things, and we can't always be silly, no matter how much I accept we all must sometimes seem silly to one another, and I want to make both silly and serious points in serious and silly ways — but for today, I'm just dropping in and posting a comment, as I go about accepting the silliness around me and within me.

I might drop by here a bit more in the next week or so, but there is probably not much I will do for a while.  I might try to point out a few silly ideas for or against silly ideas about utopian ideas. I confess I am someone who delights in many silly ideas, so long as they don't do much harm to anyone, and many silly reasons to delight in some forms of joyful silliness in others. Utopian Silliness is not always all so silly as it might seem, and Utopian seriousness need not always be taken seriously. Silliness and seriousness can and do happen together all the time. I believe Utopias should accept and encourage many silly and serious contributions, and with that I leave for other silly and serious activities. Fare well! ~ Bolon Yokte K'uh (talk) 21:35, December 22, 2012 (UTC)