This is the birthday of one long time inspirer of my thoughts and ideas, among MANY others: Sir Isaac Newton'. Before leaving on a brief excursion, I thought I would make note of this here. Throughout MOST days I find MANY things to celebrate and honor about human history, human sciences and human beliefs, as well as many to sorrow about, but over all, on most days of my life, I believe that I have been very fortunate in being able to celebrate with Joy and contemplate with Serenity, MANY aspects of the Beauty of Universal Realities far more than I have had cause to sorrow at many aspects of them.

I have long been too busy with many things to attend to many things I would like to on this wiki, and though I remain very busy elsewhere, I do intend to devote more time on a weekly basis, and perhaps eventually a daily one to this site. I might have a few thoughts later today or tomorrow, but must be leaving now, and am just trying out a few features to become more familiar with some long neglected options here. A few days ago, on the 29th of December I actually had strong new ideas on a few things to do here, and might start implementing some of these soon, as well as others. Blessings to all. ~ Ananke (talk) 19:52, January 4, 2015 (UTC) + tweaks

I am just back from the excursion mentioned above and have MANY ideas percolating in my mind at present, and probably will become active here more fully than I had planned, with the development of many options, far sooner than I had planned. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:23, January 4, 2015 (UTC) + tweaks

BAD BAD Wolf Moon! Edit

Beautiful Awakening Determination and Beauty Awakening Determination are acronyms devised on this day of the BAD Wolf Moon at the start of 2015! As I intend to reveal or indicate in various essays or stories, in coming weeks and months, I have played with acronyms in very amusing ways since I was a very young child, and I will probably use some of these extensively in some of the essays, stories, poetry, and compilations or collaborations with others which I intend to post here in the coming year.

I have NOW placed a tab for this site this on the set of tabs I normally open with Safari on my iMac, so that now, henceforth, for perhaps for many years to come, this site will be one which comes up regularly in the main window of my browser, which I usually use on a daily basis, and thus development of it won't be quite as likely to remain unattended to as I have let it be in the past.

Like many others, I really did not actually do much in terms of "making New Years Resolutions" on the first day of this "new year", and somewhat significantly actually ended up NOT doing something I had strongly intended to do, and USUALLY had done DAILY for many years, on the very first day, but in this emerging year of 2015, I am implementing many new and growing resolves, and intend to DEVELOP many as my experiences in the year proceed, and more aspects and factors to be considered can come into proper play. AMONG these are a growing resolve towards being more openly indicative of MANY of my thoughts and ideas to others on a daily basis.

I strongly believe people should ALWAYS be free to adapt at their awareness indicates they should or must, and people should be provided by the wise as will help them to make good choices, and NOT make the VERY poor one of being bound to RIGID formulas of expectations and responses which usually do NOT take account of MANY aspects of Awareness, Life and Love and Ultimate Reality itself.

I am a person inclined to respect MANY profoundly rational, ethical and mystical ideas and inspirations which have long guided many people into various artistic, ethical, scientific, religious and political traditions and am regularly engaged in MANY mystical, ethical and rational considerations of MANY of them myself, though I am far LESS inclined than many to "commit" myself to many common forms of allegiance or alliances, considering them rash and irresponsible in many ways, for many reasons.

I have very broad and acceptive perspectives, upon many ideas of great diversity, but remain very skeptical in many regards, which often surprises people accustomed to having many who are proud of their supposed "skepticism" remaining very rigidly closed-minded to many diverse ideas, and many people quite open to examining them in many ways not even so broadly as I am, not being highly skeptical about many aspects of them at all, and eager to accept much which I can usually quite swiftly find lacks credibility in many ways. I assert that such does NOT mean the ideas or discussion of them lack any merit — and people often progress most rapidly when they are most free to discuss merits and deficiencies and flaws of many things without extreme censure of errors. This is ONE of the many things WIKIS usually CAN be and OFTEN are VERY GOOD at permitting and promoting.

I hope that in increasingly evident and acceptable ways, over coming months and years, that I can encourage the confidence of others in themselves and in Humanity, and in human capacities to discern MANY important forms of truth. This is something I intend to DO, so much as possible, both here, and elsewhere. Blessings. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:44, January 4, 2015 (UTC)

As I have noted here in recent days, I have made a definite decision to become far more active here, and despite many things keeping me busy, and a few problems I expect to arise because of this, I am sticking to it, and believe it will ultimately be beneficial to others that I do so. Even so, I am still contemplating WHICH of MANY ways to proceed, and might stifle some impulses to post various ideas until I have considered many more things and actually made a few more decisions. I have to be leaving now, so this might be all I have time for here today, but I have a tab for this site as the second tab on my browser window, and within a few weeks I expect it might be the site I am most active upon for perhaps a few months. ~ Ananke (talk) 19:29, January 6, 2015 (UTC)

Fireflies of Hope Edit

Memories of Fireflies in the night are some of my earliest childhood memories of speculating profoundly on the magic of the natural world. I note this in passing, and proceed on...

I have been on a couple brief excursions, and while taking a few necessary breaks in my activities, had a couple of brief naps since last I wrote, and I expect I will have a few more, in coming days, before I can get back to attempting to present very much here.

After resting and contemplating the complexities of MANY situations, I arose with MANY ideas of how to proceed with dealing with MANY problems, here and elsewhere, in what I believe can be VERY effective and eventually VERY enlightening and ultimately harmoniously unifying ways, honing up the edges of my awareness of MANY aspects of MANY things, and building upon MANY ideas I have had in the past, on how to PRESENT ideas and information about many aspects of important, vivifying and even VITALLY important matters to many.

I believe I now have a far better sense of how I can and must proceed to divide up and schedule some of my tasks in coming days and weeks, and taking into extensive consideration MANY of the things I must do today and in coming days, I might indeed do relatively little here, actively online, for at least a couple of days, perhaps only making blog comments for a while, and yet I actually do hope to have SOME significant pages done by Saturday or Sunday for presentation here.

WHETHER this can and does occur or not, I AM definitely on daily basis, and with increasing resolves, making tasks and work to do here a major part of my daily engagements, and I hope to be able to provide clear examples of some significant ideas VERY soon. May greater blessings come to all of us, in the coming years, where ever we may be, or might wish to be, in the courses of our lives. ~ Ananke (talk) 22:44, January 7, 2015 (UTC)

I have worked daily on things to post here, but am currently refraining from posting much more until I decide among many options I am considering, on how to proceed, here and elsewhere, and develop more material specifically for such paths as I decide upon here. This might take me at least a few more days, and perhaps over a week. I continue to be busy with other things, but also continue to keep this in mind, and continue working on some of the ideas on a daily basis. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:11, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Many things have indeed kept me busy elsewhere and there were a few days this week where I had no time to focus on doing things specifically for this site. It remains 2nd on the spread of tabs which I usually open up on my browser, but probably remains the least I actually visit, usually, as yet. I expect this to change soon, and am hoping that it will be one of the four sites I most work on within a few months. For some months now, I usually had opened 4 tabs in my browser right away, but this has now expanded to seven, and will probably remain that for the foreseeable future. I just thought I would make note of this before attending to many other matters elsewhere, and hope to have much to post soon; but as I know that this is actually one of the least likely to be visited sites which I work on, the urgency with other matters has usually had greater priority. THUS it remains for now, and I will be going on to other tasks for today. Blessings. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:44, January 17, 2015 (UTC)

I had actually intended to get MUCH I had been working on well finished by yesterday, but though I certainly have progressed much in recent days and weeks, and well finished much, there remains MUCH on many things to do, before I will feel comfortable presenting many of them, and many other such things which could swiftly be presented here, ONCE those are done.

Realizing I could not do much that I had intended, I actually did overtly less than I conceivably could have, relaxed a bit, and ended up finally catching some sleep towards the end of the day. I awoke a few hours later with more awareness of MANY things to do in coming days and weeks.

I do actually believe certain significant "lines of demarcation" were crossed yesterday — but every day and every moment passed have their own lines of demarcation, and unique aspects to appreciate, and some of those occurring in these past days and months, and which I expect to occur in coming days and months will often, or even usually, be only discernible to most in retrospect. Thus has it ever been and thus shall it ever be, even when there are occasional events and moments of awareness and appreciation of MUCH which stand out as extraordinary ones immediately. I have been aware of MANY of these lately, and do hope to help others become more aware of many of the beauties in their own lives, and those of others, … as time goes by. I have now made a few resolves of what to do here and elsewhere, and will continue to work on this project, on as close to a daily basis as I can manage, even if it is but for a brief time, on some relatively trivial work. ~ Ananke (talk) 11:00, January 18, 2015 (UTC)

A day of Truth Edit

I have long called the 29th of each month a "Day of Truth", and there have been many reasons for this, subtle and profound, but for now I will merely note the incidental fact that it is in that day in each month, around noontime, when the Moon reaches the precise phase it was in at the very start of the month.

I had expected to be much more busy on this project this month than I was actually able to be, for many other things have been keeping me busier. The site continues to be second in the tabs on my browser, but on many days I have only been able to give it a brief glance, and not much of my attention. I hope and expect that will begin to change in the upcoming months, but I expect to be exceptionally busy with other things for at least a few more days. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:29, January 29, 2015 (UTC) + tweaks