This is a place to catch up on some of the latest Utopian news, and the ideas, musings, and ravings of me, the "founder" of Utopia. You can also post messages to me at my User talk page, post your own ideas at The Forum or some of the places you create or visit, including your own User page and talk pages. ~ Ananke

New cycles begin... Edit

In the past few months (and indeed years), many other activities have kept me far more busy and pre-occupied than I thought they would, but as this is an anniversary date for the founding of this as yet very minimally developed wiki, I thought I would make a note of some of my intentions here, and an outline of some things I will probably attempt to develop for this wiki in the coming months.

I have ideas I wish to eventually present on the nature of Utopia, Society, and Awareness itself, and especially upon the nature of ethics, aesthetics, and various illusions and delusions by which people help or hinder the progress of the ideals of Justice, Unity, Liberty, the love of Truth and the truths of Love — and of Life itself, whether manifest in their own lives or that of others.

I intend to do this gradually through many essays and at least a few stories, many of which I might post portions of at this wiki, not initially as necessarily complete or fully finished works, which I am entirely satisfied with, but merely publicly available working drafts of ideas for chapters or segments of larger works, many of which I will probably continue to develop, refine, and hone over the course of several months or years.

I do this out of frustration with my progress in bringing about some works as swiftly as I might wish to, and a sense of an urgent need to present many of the ideas, impressions and ideals which motivate me and others as best I can. I don't desire or intend to aim at any fixed ideas of "perfection" — though their are many ideas and ideals of excellence which I seek to eventually manifest in my works, and inspire in the works of others.

I certainly would not consider myself a perpetual optimist in relation to any fixed ideas, and certainly not a pessimist in relation to any ideals I consider beautiful and worthy of devotion, but one who has long striven to be a perpetual optimizer of whatever situations I encounter, within the light of eternal ideals which are beyond all the descriptions, definitions, and delusions of those most inclined to idolize fixed ideas.

In my life, I have been very successful in my failure to conform to others expectations and demands, or even to my own, and in developing new expectations that are often in many important ways even better than those I have failed at. All work and all play involves varying degrees of effort and relaxation, and I hope that in my life, I can always maintain a healthy balance of both, and inspire others to do the same.

I had wanted to declare far more at this time, but many other concerns continue to demand my attention, so I will simply declare that one of the primary works which I have been developing is one that I have long called the Dreamplay, and though it might eventually involve many more characters there are 7 characters in my tales who will probably always remain among the most prominent, and which I might begin revealing here within the next few weeks. I am too busy with too much else to reveal much more today, but so it goes... ~ Ananke 11 April 2010

Imbolc Edit

In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.
~ Albert Camus ~

There are limits to what can be accomplished or spoken of at any time, but I am someone who strongly anticipates that though the coming year will be one of many challenges it will also be one of many important accomplishments, and will permit greater progress for the good of most people than the previous year has.

I hope and expect that I and at least a few others will be able to increasingly work this wiki into something more impressive than a place holder for a few ideas.

These are just a few minor thoughts concerning recent celebrations of Imbolc and Groundhog Day:

Shadows might be seen, and many necessary delays accepted, but light is ever present, and warmer times approach in the processes of Time. There is much to celebrate and many things to work for and to hope for as new patterns of potential gradually emerge into clarity. ~ Ananke (2 & 3 February 2010)

☥ - Life begins anew, eternally Edit

Life goes on beautifully, even amidst many trivial distractions and many profound tragedies. In the months ahead I seek to help provide more people more reasons to celebrate life in many ways, through expositions of ideas and ideals many might consider to be Utopian.

This day I plant a very small seed of awareness in long fallow fields...

I am preparing once more to do work here, and expect to have some impressive work to be finished within the next month, and certainly within the next few months.

Like many other people in life, I have been busy with many things, and have had too little time to concern myself much with recounting past or present ideas about Utopia here. But I am newly determined to see that this Utopia not remain a primarily stagnant place, and a deep love for some of the potentials of many forms of Utopian ideals exists within me.

To courageously and humbly recognize very clearly that oneself and others which you admire can be very wrong about things of vital importance is part of the ways of wisdom. This is part of the lore of learning — this is part of the lore of Life.

We are living in an age of major revelations and transformations, which are very indicative of the both the good and the bad which people are capable of doing. No matter how wise or knowledgeable people may become about many things, there is always much to reveal to the ignorant and confused, and even to the most wise, and always too little time to reveal all that one might often wish to.

After long letting this project rest largely unattended and only occasionally reviewed, while I engaged in many studies, conversations and efforts at communication elsewhere, I feel ready to now announce that I intend to reveal much of what I have learned of many ideals that people might call extremely impractical or utopian within the next year, and give strong evidence that however impractical they might often be considered, they can be very powerful and useful when actually brought into practice.

I certainly believe that I will not immediately have sufficient time to do this every day, nor even every week, but I do believe I usually will have time to add a significant bit of material at least once or twice a month, and perhaps even more than that after July. My own plans are always subject to alteration, but this is a summation of some of my current expectations.

I actually had intended to do much more here many years ago than I yet have, but knew I had much which I had to do elsewhere first, and never quite devoted the amount of time I wished to to this wiki. I do believe that I at last will have far more time to do work here in the coming year than I have ever before had, and believe I personally know a few other people of some significance who will be very interested in doing at least a little work here once I have sufficiently worked on this place myself to make it a bit more appealing and presentable, and feel ready to inform them of it. I could be ready to do so to some of them as early as next month, and feel confident I will have developed much for this project by July or August, and become even more active upon it in the remaining months of the year, on into next year.

I don't make any definite promises of what will be — I rigorously try to avoid such things, no matter how much confidence I might have in many matters, but I do seek to give many testimonies of truth about what I perceive to be vitally important matters, and of many events and ideas which have existed which might help people to understand these better, and what I expect or endeavor to provide, or contribute to others welfare, based upon my past experiences, accomplishments and forms of will that I have manifested or encountered in my life.

I know that I sometimes err, and believe that, like most people, I sometimes must do so in ways which might never become fully clear to me, but I would honestly declare that in many matters of which I am aware, when I do make efforts to do things or say things, I usually err far less, and far less harmfully than most. I would not make any absurdly stupid claim that such is always the case.

There are many prominent and pervasive errors which I have perceived to be at work in the minds of many people which I have long endeavored to find ways to make clear to them, as gently and as beneficially as possible — but I have no delusions that this will always be an easy or a pleasant task, for me or for others, or that many of those most extremely and dangerously deluded will be very hostile to any efforts to inform them of such things as they would rather ignore, deny or remain oblivious to, especially those regarding the falsehoods, deficiencies and flaws evident in of many of the beliefs or attitudes which they find admirable and have been very inclined to support and honor and cherish.

I can manifest many styles of expression, but though I usually prefer to be as precise and careful as possible, I also know that it is sometimes necessary or very useful to adopt styles of expression which can seem crude and even very rude. I am actually willing to sometimes deliberately appear far more sloppy and unprepared about many things than I am, and at other times reveal that I truly am sloppy and unprepared in ways that I wish I were not. Letting people know which situation is which is not usually a priority with me, and I consider this detachment from concern for people's opinions of myself a considerable strength, and I would often rather seem to be an extraordinary fool, than waste my time making an extraordinary effort to prove I am not to people who I actually consider to be engaged in being extraordinarily foolish.

People often come into conflict in ways that are not actually necessary or beneficial, and being or seeming a clear victor over others in all of these is usually not the wisest of options. If people don't wish to bring about more harm to others than is actually necessary in some unpleasant or burdensome situations, they must sometimes let people go about their very foolish ways for a time, while they go on doing much good in ways which others do not have power to significantly interfere with or constrain.

In the weeks and months ahead I intend to begin to make this a place of sanctuary and exposition of many diverse ideas, and to do so with a creativity and candor about many things which I hope most people who visit here will find both interesting and pleasing. I also hope to maintain and develop some measure of mystery about many things which will be intriguing and stimulating to both imaginations and growing forms of wisdom and joy, even to some people who might be inclined to be my determined and persistent adversaries in some ways, and wish to know much more than I would be willing to tell them, or wish I would not discuss such socially important matters as I eventually intend to.

That is probably all I have time to declare today, but I intend to post more here by early February, and even more by the middle of February. ~ Ananke 21:26, January 17, 2010 (UTC)

November 1 Edit

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
~ T. S. Eliot ~

April 17 Edit

I am still plodding along, juggling various ideas...

It is said that Rome wasn't built in a day, and it is certain that neither shall Utopia be...though when I finally get around to doing so, I hope to lay down much foundation material very swiftly. I confess that I have actually spent more time composing new material that I am still working on, than I have on most of the Wikipedia articles that I have been adapting for this site. The creation and development of things very often takes longer than one thinks it will. One exception to that rule was the actual creation of this site, but I am still gathering up and sorting out different ideas on how to initially arrange things here, to allow for optimal development in the future.

Even when the contributions that I have made have become a very small part of the whole, I am hoping that certain ideas that I had at the start of things will be acknowledged as good arrangements, that permit large areas of well organized and well categorized growth in areas of harmonious group activity, as well as many spots of more chaotic "untamed wilderness" and personal "sanctuaries" where all users are free to express and expose their own ideas in various ways. I am still not fully satisfied with, or have not yet decided between some of the options that I have been considering on the initial "layout" of site. I have actually run out of time today to even post much that was derived from Wikipedia, and will probably not even try to do any of that at this time. This is simply a note of apology for not being so rapid a worker as I might wish to be. I hope that the results of my efforts, when I finally do post them will be something capable of pleasing most of those who encounter them, and will be considered worth the wait for anyone who might be impatient with the pace of my apparent progress. I would rather disappoint a very small audience now, than hastily initiate specific layout designs that might be less than optimum for a large group of participants later, and yet retained by the force of habit and custom, as many things often are.

We ourselves shall be loved for a while and forgotten. But the love will have been enough; all those impulses of love return to the love that made them. Even memory is not necessary for love. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning. ~ Thornton Wilder (Quote of the Day at Wikiquote)

April 15Edit

A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows. ~ "Princess Irulan" in the novel Dune by Frank Herbert

Am doing a few minor revisions, including a one of the intended function of The Fountain... most of the work is still occurring offline. ~ Ananke 19:28, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Many ideas are still incubating in my mind and many ideas are being typed out upon my computer. Despite the lack of apparent progress here, I am in a flurry of activity, and as it is plain that not many people have as yet noticed the site, and therefore I'm not really disappointing many people by my delays, I would prefer to spend another day or two trying to perfect some of my ideas and designs before posting things here that I might rapidly revise. I prefer to make extensive edits and what experiments I can on my own computer rather than on the database here.

I confess that I already have a few significant ideas that I might hold back for months and even years, but very many others that I believe will excite and intrigue people that I will be posting in the coming days and weeks.

I am typing up many entirely new pages, and working out a few ideas of how to fit many of them together in relation to the others. Again, as this is as yet a relatively small and unnoticed place I can feel more comfortable taking a little more time in preparations. I think people will agree that the results of even my own initial efforts will be impressive, and an indication of very good prospects of more to come, as more people are attracted to the potentials of "Utopia".

There have been a few other tasks I have needed to attend to than those I am working on here, but I remain mostly free until Sunday night, when four days of a bit more hectic activity will occur. After that I am anticipating at least a month ahead where I will usually have almost all of four days a week free to work on ideas for this site.

My plans at this point are thus:

  1. Complete work on all the preliminary "seed" articles and arrangements that I am preparing, based largely on WIkipedia articles, but also quite a few of my own creations, over the next day or two.
  2. Post many of these pages in the next day or two.
  3. Begin creating some artwork for pages, and especially some ideas I have for a logo, and for a favicon over the next week or so.
  4. Study other wikis and the materials available to learn a bit more about how the software works, and how to do things around here.
  5. Continue developing ideas and articles as my primary personal activity for at least the next month, and probably much of the next year.

To the "benevolent sovereign authorities" of "Wikia" in which Utopia is being permitted to develop, I can declare my honest expectations in quoting an obscure statement that I believe has relevance here:

The city will gain beauty worthy of its name and to you it will be useful by its revenues, and the eternal fame of its aggrandizement. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Signing out for now... ~ Ananke 09:14, 15 Apr 2005 (EDT)

April 14Edit

I have been roaming around some wikicities, the Wikimedia projects and a few other places, developing some ideas. I am very excited and inspired by some of the potentials that are in my mind, and despite the lack of posts as yet, am working on many different pages.

Apart from the articles that I will be using from Wikipedia, I have begun a few compositions of my own (which will of course take more time to develop, and perhaps begin posting in the coming days).

When using articles from Wikipedia, it should be remembered that Utopia is not an encyclopedia Wiki, and I feel we should not retain all the Wiki-links of the articles, but only retain or create such links as are appropriate to develop within Utopia, or to places in other wikicities projects that have value to the ideas being developed here. There are quite a few of these. I now will get back to work, and hope to have at least some of the material ready to post within a few hours. ~ Ananke 08:27, 14 Apr 2005 (EDT)

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true. ~ James Branch Cabell (Wikiquote of the Day for today).

April 13Edit

I finally have a bit of time, over the next few days, to spend quite a bit of time here. I fully expect that many pages that I begin will become extremely revised, modified, adapted, and improved by others, as time goes by. I also expect that there will sometimes be changes that I, or others, don't like, and then discussions can ensue, about what options or expressions that are available are best. I certainly consider Utopia to be forever, and always a collaborative endeavor among people interested in both appreciating and improving the world as it is, and speculating upon what things are, have been, and could yet be... and also an inquiry into the "WHY?", and the "WHY NOT?" of many actual and potential ways of life. To many people I could definitely reiterate what George Bernard Shaw declared; You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?".

Now that I have the time to do so, for the first time since my proposal the other day, I am initially going to spend at least a few hours looking at other projects, and gathering up a few ideas as to how to proceed. I then intend to import many pages from WIkipedia, with only slight modifications at first, to plant the seeds of inspiration which can later be nurtured and grown, by myself and others.

To begin things I have created this community discussion page, which I have at this point named "The Fountain", in the hopes that it will become a beautiful fountain of ideas which people can drink in, and then proceed about within both Utopia and the real world with a greater sense of appreciation of both the actualities and the potentialities that they encounter. ~ Ananke 12:09, 13 Apr 2005 (EDT)

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. ~ Henry David Thoreau

2005 April 11Edit

Utopia was first proposed, swiftly supported, accepted and founded upon this day. ~ Ananke