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Angel 007 Edit

I believe this should be a place where people are free to express themselves as fully as possible (within the limits of Wikia policies, and any others which develop here), upon many ideas of potential human societies, and there should be many pages which individuals can create for presenting their own particular expression of ideas and ideals, as well as places where interested people can converse upon many of the most commonly interesting ideas, and eventually collaborate on preserving and make attempts to improve upon some of the most enduring expressions of ethical ideals and social principles which have developed in humankind throughout the ages. ~ Angel 007 23:37, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

IP Edit

My idea of utopia would be an ever changing one, rather than one perfect stable system. Nothing is banned, everyone granted "life and liberty with their lives". Motto would be: "Do whatever pleases you but that which takes away other's right to do whatever pleases them."

5 chains to human progress:

Language Economy Politics Religion Cultural/Societal norms

Steps toward my utopia:

  • Free air (free at the moment, possibly commercialised in the future)
  • Free water
  • Free food
    • Seniors above 65 and infants below 5
    • 0-18 and 50above
    • All
  • Free basic clothing
  • Free basic shelter
  • Free heating
  • Free cooling


Other commentsEdit

Welcome to "Utopia". There has long been silence here, broken only by a few comments...

I too agree that any true Utopia, in the best sense of the word (a "Eutopia"), cannot be an unchanging place, and should foster diversity, but I do believe this requires states of awareness and activity on the part of individuals where at least some of the worst forms of oppression are forbidden by the embrace of a few common principles, and the exercise of common will and determination. I believe that the ultimate guides to behavior are those that accommodate great diversity; that seek to minimize all forms of oppression, injustice, and dogmatic constraints upon life, and to maximize the growth of awareness and appreciation of many beneficial or vitally important truths, and of all things actually, virtually, or potentially REAL and NECESSARY. I believe that the greatest of opportunities for joy, delight, happiness, and well being proceed from such foundations.

I intend to have more of my own ideas posted here soon, perhaps by the solstice, and to begin to more actively and openly invite and promote the ideas and participation of others. Many other things have kept me occupied in the months since the idea for this site first occurred to me, and I have not been able to devote so much time to it, thus far, as I had wished; but it is a project that I have kept in mind, and many ideas for its potential development have been gestating and mutating during this long period of leaving it fallow. ~ Ananke 09:44, 15 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Many funny things have happened to me on my way to this Forum on this solstice day — and I expect to start indicating the gist of many of them sometime next month. A Happy Sostice passes as I type — and Time endures and Eternity remains — and may joy and blessing flourish and abide. ~ Ananke 17:18, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

The Gist of many Jests within the complexities of Eternity shall eventually be revealed to many with good humour and good fortune ... though it takes time to understand much that is vitally important to understand — and develop the capacities to ignore such things as it is most helpful or beneficial to ignore, amidst the confusions of mortal existence. There are many things which one must, at times, take with heavy gravitas — and yet other things or the same things at other times, which it is best to take with as much levity as possible, and timing and appearances do matter much — but the most important of all things are often those essences which are beyond all words and descriptions. Seeds of potential have long been buried here... and they are beginning to germinate and develop roots. SO it goes — and so ALL grows — and Death is not the end of it. ~ Ananke 17:29, June 21, 2011 (UTC)