Wikia, had I been given a blank wiki to work with I would have done more with it, and I wouldn't have abondoned it, as I have done with this one. I'm sorry, I do not want to mop up the mess the previous creator made, please just delete this wiki. Thanks.

Unsigned comment by User:Yelir55

Though I refrained from doing things here, because of priority concerns with other projects, I have always monitored activity on RSS feeds to prevent vandalism, and have never actually abandoned it. Please do NOT delete this Wiki. I do not mind others being sysops and even beureacrats, but I DO intend to use it, and no notice was posted to my talk page regarding a takeover. ~ Ananke 13:13, 19 April 2008 (UTC)

There has never yet been heavy activity here, and usually I notice changes within a day or two, and I revert any vandalism that I notice. There has been some activity in recent months, although it is only slight. I am something of a procrastinator on many things, and a perfectionist, and my work on other projects with greater activity and immediacy has led me to neglect developing this one, but as I stated, I have never abandoned it, and usually have some ideas of work that could be done here every few days.

Since there is now contention on how it should proceed, I will probably devote more time to it, and "mop up" what little non-vandal mess has arisen here, but I do remain busy with many other things. ~ Ananke 13:26, 19 April 2008 (UTC)

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