August One Edit

WE are ALL in THIS together. In more ways than any of us can ever know, this has ever been true and shall ever be true, and the explorations of the many ways there are of HOW this is true can help many come to understand many of the reasons WHY it is true, and should be recognized, remembered and celebrated, throughout one's life. These are but a moments thoughts as I prepare to begin a new period of activities here and elsewhere, and gradually present strong and enduring indications of HOW and WHY I have set what priorities I have had, and responded with extreme adaptability to many of the apparent priorities and potentials of others, while exploring and expanding my own, and helping others to do so with their own. SO WE GO, ever onward…

I had begun this year intending to become more involved here, but many activities and opportunities, many of them quite unexpected, kept me busy elsewhere. Many of them are likely to continue to do so, for at least a couple more months, but within the coming months, and even coming days, perhaps, I do expect to have a bit more time to spend here, and begin to post and develop pages based on some ideas I have had for quite a while. Time will reveal how things go. SO it goes. ~ Ananke (talk) 03:02, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

The title of this section relates to many concepts of rather obscure associations, and was posted in relation to the fact that it is still the first of August where I am located, despite it being Sunday the second of August elsewhere. The title of the page itself relates to some of the meanings of the word "Utopia" and some of the work of others on utopian musings of various sorts in the past. I intend to be busier here soon, but I remain busy elsewhere, and though I am confident of doing more within the next month, I am not certain of when during the next month I will actually get around to some things. Within the next year, or even the next few months, I believe that I and others associated with me are likely to have expanded the content of this particular wiki quite extensively. ~ Ananke (talk) 03:11, August 2, 2015 (UTC)


It is still the 29th in the region of the earth in which I abide, and I wish to make note of a few things before this date is over — and it has just entered 2015·08·29 23:00:44 ET as I write this now. I still do not know precisely how much time I will be able to spend here, but I do expect the next month, and probably the next 3 months to be extraordinarily busy ones for me — and this site is one at which I do intend to do some significant presentation work very soon, and I will probably invite others who are familiar with me to get involved here over the next year as well. That is about all I will note at this time, but I do hope to have more to present here in coming weeks, and perhaps even within the next few days. Thus things go. ~ Ananke (talk) 03:04, August 30, 2015 (UTC)

Equinox Edit

Reflections on some aspects of joys and sorrows, despairs and hopes.

It is still the 20th in my location — the first day of Spring. This day began well, with activities of hope and determination at the equinox, and also much other activity of renewal and growth well before dawn. Even so, much burdens my mind and life in many ways, and I did not accomplish so much as I had intended to do. Confessing this, I still insist significant progress has been made, and much hope abides for significant progress in the days and months to come.

I will confess that to a great degree, for many reasons, today was the passing of a day of opportunities for progress, and hope, in a state of weariness and sorrow, in regard to many obstacles and burdens, and the difficulties of proceeding so much as could easily be possible, if people were not so habitually opposed to many forms of justice, understanding and liberty which do not favor such states of tyranny, ignorance and confusion as those to which they are accustomed, and with which they feel comfortable.

ONCE again I had intended to ASSERT much, elsewhere and here, on the nature of enduing faith, hope, and charity, in regard to all Humankind, and the OBSTACLES and distractions presented by the lack of such qualities in the petty minded have impelled me to depression and sorrow... and much I had intended to do, has not occurred. Many minor and great obstacles to progress are strewn within the ranges of our immediate concerns of the complications involved in all things, which significantly limit our potential for progress in the ways of Awareness, Life and Love.

I state this in a state of genuine sorrow — but NOT so abject and overwhelming a state of sorrow as I know others often feel — for I almost always retain profound and strong hope and determination which I am aware many do not and cannot have, in regard to many things — and have done so even in states of very real prospects of immediate death. I have ever persisted with a faith that progress yet can and yet shall occur, and have had my faith supported and redeemed by many forms of salvation and progress.

The greatest forms of progress are often those which take much time to accomplish, and one of the greatest of gifts of the fates is simply the capacity for the will to endure what must be borne, and to persist in seeking and finding ways to lighten the burdens of others, and of bringing Joy to Life. There is a great beauty in each and every moment where we maintain a will to endure amongst many worries and concerns, and to help others endure what they can, to find ways of greater joy and hope, beyond all the sorrows and tragedies that many of the ignorant and confused and petty-minded inflict upon the world.

Even speaking of such things, as my sorrows, and the persistence of hopes and determination, rather than focussing primarily on many of the reasons for much sorrow, I am on the path towards greater resolves, and hope, and speak of some of my more sorrowful moods at all, simply to provide indications and testimony that sorrows can be overcome, and progress made — in many ways, and even in the most tragic of circumstances, beset by many reasons for sorrow, there are means of providing help to others, and persist in spreading seeds of joyfulness, and love. Blessings abide, and blessings do grow. ~ Ananke (talk) 02:11, March 21, 2016 (UTC)