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Welcome to Utopia.
This is a Wikia wiki created for the exposition and discussion of various concepts of "ideal" places throughout history, their influence or lack of it upon actual human societies and further speculation on their roles in the future. It will also include places for discussion of famous "dystopias", and historical attempts to establish societies based upon particular notions of utopian principles. It is also a place where users can present some of their own ideas as well on what "utopian" ideals are worth pursuing, and how some of them might become implemented in the everyday world. Everyone is invited to contribute what they can, with presentations of what ideas and ideals they find worth noting in the history and present times of human activities and imaginings, and hopes for the future.

On 4 January 2014, the founder of the project Ananke resolved to devote increasing amounts of time to developing it, perhaps on a nearly daily basis, for at least several months.

One place to ask questions or contribute ideas for general discussion is The Forum (equivalent to Wikipedia's "Village Pump"), and a place to catch up on some of the latest Utopian news, and the ideas, musings, and ravings of the "founder" of Utopia is The Fountain.

A good start could be a comprehensive list of utopias and dystopias. Several books have been written on the subject, which can be listed, compared, analysed.

There are also real-life, ongoing projects that aim towards Utopia. Whether they have a philosophical, spiritual, or practical orientation, they are worth exploring.