Ananke's Absurd Assertions about ALL Edit

A short while ago, amidst activities and travels which have occupied much of my time in recent days and months, I thought of this new name for such essays as I have long contemplated posting and developing here, and other places, under other names than those I might be inclined to used here, to indicate some of the many reasons why Utopia, and notions about many of the ideas which are promoted or denigrated by such terms, and many diverse and divergent or convergent ideas associated with ideals which have often been called "utopian" whether initial promoted or derided by such labels or not.

This provides quite a broad scope for potential indications of many forms and fantasies of facts and fictions and expositions of their apparent or potential relevance and relationships with each other. From a very early stage in my life I have been very observant of many apparent and actual contradictions and discrepancies between much which people seek to indicate and believe and much which they actually DO indicate and apparently believe, and the very many reasons and influences WHY they do so.

A newly apparent necessity kenotically enlightens all — to the extent it is possible to do so — but it might take much time in coming months and years to indicate MUCH which I mean to indicate by such assertions, and MANY of the ways which such enlightenment can UNFOLD with the growth of knowledge and the abandonment of many FALSE absolutist assumptions.

Absurdities are Apparent and Actual, ALWAYS Edit

I know that MUCH of what I shall attempt to indicate to others in coming months will seem absurd and MUST seem absurd — especially to people with vastly different ranges of perceptions and conceptions than those I am most inclined to delve into, and more limited capacities of awareness and appreciation of the NECESSITY of MUCH diversity amidst MANY forms of unique, unusual, usual and universal ASPECTS of ALL things.

I am an "absurdist" who can and does ACCEPT and APPROVE many diverse perspectives as NECESSARY and PROPER in very diverse ways — but I will assert that such an assertion is NOT meant to indicate or imply, as some might suppose or presume, that I accept or approve of all things as EQUALLY acceptable and approvable. Whatever absurdities I am most inclined to embrace do NOT extend into such levels of nonsense and stupidity as this, or others which SOME might wish to make them seem. I do assert that recognition of the absurdities INNATE and inherent in ALL attempts to express or indicate ANY forms of WISDOM, or to hide or deny them, is an innate aspect of the greatest forms of wisdom — and in the course of coming months and years, I hope to INDICATE many of the reasons WHY this is so, to the extent which time and circumstances permit me.

AUM & OM Edit

I have for some time been very much inclined to refer to myself and many others of diverse traditions of formal learning and explorations of the arts, sciences, histories of many forms of philosophical, ethical, rational and religious lore, as "angelic universalist mystics" — who have little scornfulness towards any sincere pursuits of benevolent arts or sciences. The most wise and complexly discerning of these I am often inclined to refer to as "Absurdist Universalist Mystics", and such assertions are about all I have the time to make on this first day of July, in this year of many ironic events and expositions of diverse potentials of human knowledge, ignorance, confusion, stupidity and wisdom.

I know that I exist in a very busy era of interesting times, and am very busy with many diverse things at this time — and hope to become far more active at this site and a few others, within the coming months and years.

Thus Eternity goes — ever and always, with grace and mercy and mysteries of ALL. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:59, July 1, 2016 (UTC)