I C U : Idealistically Compassionate Utopians Edit

I C U: Idealistically Compassionate Utopians promote awareness of Ideal Compassionate Universalities of the Inclinations, Capacities and Understandings about the Incredibly Complex Unity of ALL within ALL — and the rights of each and all to diverge from common norms in various ways, in accordance with their own consciences.

I believe that BOTH Anonymity and the right to assert things with various common or assumed names for various honorable purposes are important rights, though obviously these have been misused by MANY, and are properly deemed suspicious and dangerous in many ways, and such things SHOULD be guarded against. Even so, I believe that to seek to eliminate or diminish such rights is usually far more dangerous and detrimental to Humanity.

As a human being with great respect for MANY people of VERY diverse inclinations, I have definite inclinations to NOT reveal many of my own particular inclinations (or "lack" of them), NOR those of OTHERS dear to me, to many of those SCORNFUL of diverse inclinations that diverge from their particular ranges or tendencies, or ways of accommodating or indulging them in abject fashion. I do NOT believe it is the DUTY of the tolerant and strong, nor any of those weak in any ways, to reveal all aspects of their inclinations to the unjustly intolerant or oppressive, be they weak or strong. The pettiness of the minds of the most intolerant and oppressive often impels them to find ways to injure many of the lives and liberties of others, and no person who is wise should be ignorant of such capacities in even the most weak, nor apparently most passive and subdued of those who are narrow-minded and bigoted in various ways.

I seek to simply and vigorously assert that MUCH of what people DO or do NOT do, or their inclinations to DO or NOT do many things in private among themselves and without intruding upon the proper rights of others is NOT the proper business of others at all, IF they do not wish it to be. Such is NOT the case with such actions and attitudes as plainly incline people to actually and severely violate the proper rights of others, and therein lies MANY a problem, as to where greatest levels of propriety dwell, for there are often innate or implicit contradictions and conflicts in dealing with many of the diverse inclinations, capacities and understandings of MOST people. A genuinely honest person is rarely inclined to ignore this or deny the complexities involved in considering MANY aspects of MANY things, each and every moment of their consideration of ANY thing. Many of the most ignorant, confused, stupid and dishonest of people are inclined to make things seem far more simple or far more complex than they are, in various ways, and to make MANY things appear to be far other than what they generally are recognized or recognizable as being.

Even the most apparently simple of statements and thoughts about the worth of simplicity or complexity is permeated with MANY forms of apparent simplicity AND complexity to the wise. The most wise of people KNOW MUCH about the often actually complex or relatively simple forms of errors and evils involved in assuming things are simple in ways that they are not, or complex in ways which they are not.

I have started this page, because I intend to soon reveal much about myself, for others to consider, and in doing so, I C U shall be revealed to have significance to me, in an amusing and instructive way, in one of the stories based upon my own experiences which I plan to present here soon, as a way of indicating and applying ideas of what Utopias CAN be and have been, in the minds of human beings, over the centuries. I am often prone to engage in many "digressions" in some of my presentations, and hope that won't be too annoying to those not prone to appreciate or welcome such things.