The December Solstice has now occurred — as it ever must, in the processes of time and space, and new ranges of hope and determination can now begin to develop anew. Time will reveal what expectations have greatest merit, and what determinations should be most vigorously built upon.

As the darkest days of the northern realms of this world are coming to an end, and progress toward times of greater light and eventually greater warmth proceed, I make a few very brief remarks here — and then shall pass on to other matters requiring my attention.

Reverent Awareness of Justice, Unity, Liberty and Joyous Universal Love of ALL impels me and many others in many ways.

Amidst many other tasks and efforts, reflections and writings have occurred in recent days, and months, and in this current day, and month. I might begin to reveal and elaborate upon some of these in the coming days. There is still much complexity I am taking into consideration at this time. I hope to soon indicate more of what some of these things have been, soon. Until blessings can be more elaborately presented, I simply give this note as an indication of blessings — as we all proceed towards greater eras of the Angelic Light of Liberty and ALL Awareness, Life and Love. ~ Ananke