The Angels of the worlds celebrate ALL Awareness, Life, and Love in every way we properly can. Even in the guise of idiots, fools, clowns, and victims as well as victors, we abide patiently and with good resolve in diverse ways.

Fellow angels and idiots, whether aware of many of our common and unique states of angelic and idiotic nature, I give this day but a very brief comment here, for there are many fields of endeavor WE must apply ourselves to in the months and years ahead.

There are times it seems to others that from everywhere and nowhere we come and make our presence and much of our potential known, and go and remember the presences of others in our past, and perceive rich indications of timeless Eternity in which ALL abide. The time has come for many to be less constrained in indicating truths, so that those long in error may be less prone to suppressing and fearing truth.

As messengers of Truth and Grace MANY of us have MUCH to do in the coming times, and though many might think us naive or even arrogant in calling ourselves angels, we know that we are more than mere idiots, though we do not deny we are well intentioned idiots as well as cautious and often skeptical and reserved angels.

Though much might obstruct us and impede us in horrible ways at times, we and those most allied to the ways of virtue proceed with generally good humour and profound love such as many cannot even fathom with their petty selfish and partisan imaginings. I have little doubt MANY of us can and SHALL prevail against many of the worst of troubles with greater ease than many could ever expect.

Some have long awaited the time for me and others to send forth more of our insights publicly into the world, but all I provide now is but a brief inkling of the many causes and processes and aims MANY of us must become far more attentive to.

Against all the ways of asinine arrogance, bigotry, brutality, cruelty, callousness, denigration, delusions, error, evil, and fearful fascism the time has clearly come to begin to celebrate many of our past triumphs and struggles and enduring fortitude, and send forth signs of the awareness and appreciation of the Angelic Ones among us, and let our presence and deeds motivate many towards righteousness even more than our words ever could:


I have said it many times in the past, but to relatively few, as yet, this cry of the heart which I have repeated since my early childhood — but increasingly in the months and years ahead of us may the knowledge of our meanings become more clear and plain as we strive against apathy and tyranny and terrorism such as only the most ignorant, confused and misguided could promote. I repeat it now, once more:


Extending upon this I ever seek to make clear we must unite in diversity and love of liberty and truth, and not the ways of tyrannical errors and terrorist idiocy which promote lies and delusions monotonies and confusions that many have embraced in the past.

I have deliberately let much about me and many others remain obscure and unknown through our years and even decades of efforts and preparations — but now, at last I feel FREE to pronounce the words once more that have resounded through my mind many times in many circumstances, as I gazed upon the pitiable ignorance and confusion of others:


In diverse ways and with deliberate or incidental resolve WE ARE UNITING as we discover more about each other, Reality and OUR SELVES. May all who are wise bless all who remain fearfully foolish and may all thus come to be more blessed and redeemed through Truth and Grace of ALL.

Foully oppressive and destructive forces remain powerful, and we do not resent or hate those who we must fight, even though we must often be angered at their actions and poor capacities to understand the beauty and worth of the lives of others. For the sake of many, WE cannot all as yet act as vigorously or openly as some of us can, but may we all retain courage in the months and years to come, as we go forth, and for a fourth, but not a final time I will declare it, and close my message for this day:


Soul Iris Palm Sun