This page is being created as a simple starting point for it on this first day of the Year of the Earth Dog in the Chinese Calendar. I have been thinking of many things to do on this project in recent weeks, and especially the last few days — and had intended to start becoming more active here a few days ago. I ended up being far too busy with far too many other things to get around to things here, as has usually been the case, but in the months ahead I have definite intention to be active several times a month, and then several times a week, and eventually, within a few months, perhaps nearly every day.

I don’t actually have much time to do much here today, but simply wanted to get started here, and begin familiarizing myself with some of the tools and options which have been developed since I first began to be active here.

I much like the new colorized entry process, which is relatively new to me here, as I have long been too busy elsewhere to spend much of my time here, but I am becoming increasingly eager to begin becoming much more active here in the course of the coming months.

I have a few ideas of how to proceed with this page, but have to attend to other things now. I hope to get involved in expanding it within the next week or so, and indicate some reasons for the title, and perhaps begin posting some art and essays on other pages here within the next month or so. There are many things to take into greater consideration, and to help others take into greater consideration, and there are many ways to indicate and express many forms of Awareness, Life and Love, as we abide amidst many forms of anguish, assaults, and aspirations to ascend to such awareness as transcends them and triumphs over them.

Fare well, for NOW, and Blessed BE. ~ Ananke (talk) 23:25, February 16, 2018 (UTC)