Absurdist Utopia Edit

ÅU : The Hopeful Invisible Heart of the Adamant Heart of Gold : An introduction by Ananke, the founder of this wiki, to Absurdist Utopianism and a beginning of the unfolding of many of its complex implications, in ways we hope to be eventually be amusingly and interestingly discernible to many mortal minds.

Welcome to ONE of the many places where we full expect that there shall occur a gradual revelation of many of the aspects of the many Angelic Alliances of those who abide in awareness and appreciation of the Absurd Economics of Joyous Universal Love. We have been around far longer, in far more ways, than many of you might easily believe, at least for a time, and WE shall have many surprises in store for many of you, in coming years and decades. Some of you, who may be familiar with even a few of our activities in past few years and decades will be quite delighted that we are becoming active again in such ways as we have begun to here — but we caution you — be prepared to be surprised in new and original ways, and do NOT expect us to repeat many of the old tricks and instructive devices many others have learned or learned to avoid, in their sometimes clever states of stupidity.

NOT all of US of the WE are so verbose as I, Ananke, am often prone to be, for many peculiar reasons — many of which I might eventually indicate and make plain, though only gradually and in many complex ways, which many will not be able to immediately understand in many proper perspectives.

Respectful Absurdism Edit

What we and many others mean by Absurdism can vary very greatly, and as an honest and compassionate absurdist I have no intentions of hiding or denying this, and I expect there to be many problems which shall long persist because of this — but clearly many of them are ultimately unavoidable in nearly ANY genuinely honest philosophical stance. Though many people have a primarily negative or comical view of the absurd, there positive and tragic and even horrifying aspects of it as well — and there clearly are BOTH ugly and beautiful forms of absurdity, and conceivably many forms of mingling both beautiful and ugly forms of Absurdism to the advantages or detriment of many.

Absurdism recognizes ambiguities of appearances and absolutes beyond all ambiguities and appearances and ways to indicate them. WE often use words and symbols and implications of them to indicate that which is clearly beyond the comprehension of mortal minds and thus beyond all the words and symbols and implications and notions of mortal minds. There is little else we can do but play and work with inadequate means to indicate some vitally important aspects of that which sustains and pervades and permits all our play and work : The ABSURD.

Some of the reasons I am one of those who promote a profound respect of absurdism, if not a full embrace of it (as I am quite aware many people are not remotely ready to properly understand it), are these:

  • More than any other philosophical stances I am aware of, Absurdism permits people to forgive differences and even hostilities that exist between them, without forgetting them or ignoring them in any way — but simply and intensely transcending many of the worst problems caused by them.
  • Though MANY beautiful and useful creeds and doctrines arise that can tolerate and permit many others of great diversity, Absurdism is a stance which I believe can most often and strongly challenge people to transcend and reject the worst of any and all creeds, and to embrace many of the best aspects of any and all of them.

The Named and Unnamed and Nameless Ambiguities of Absurdism Edit

Names and words are useful, but no particular words or names are indispensable. Many are the names we have considered using, and many are the names we have used to varying degrees, without any strong bonds or bondage to most of them. Some of us certainly have far more invested in some of these than others, but none of us are enslaved to any names or words or creeds devised by people who are.

The rather Angelic Universalism of Absurdist Utopianism is neither here nor there nor anywhere or everywhere or nowhere — it is absurdly bold and ridiculous in many ways and we expect it will increasingly be in coming years — and we fully expect its influence to grow rapidly in coming months and years, and slowly and carefully for many years have taken measures to insure this.

Like the stateless state of affairs which has long existed among the most conscientious Anarchists, Quakers, Sufis and more broadly, the most absurdly tolerant and wise Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Unitarians and Universalists, and many others of many creeds, there are no commanders among us, only honest indicators of what their hearts and minds impel them to assert. This state of maximal Liberty and minimal coercion is ever the ideal we aim to uphold and promote, no matter what states of circumstance or provisional governments or institutions born out of reaction to various states of ignorance and confusion we might find ourselves among, or working with or against.

We Astonish. We AIM to Astonish Edit

WE might often choose to seem dull and even aimless at times, but eventually we aim to astonish. We aim to keep on astonishing and astounding and amazing many— to the delight and benefit of ALL in all in ALL — which we love and adore and devotedly serve, everywhere and always.

Many are the mathematical, logical, rational, irrational, emotional, physical, biological, medical, mystical and magical arts and sciences which many people are lamentably ignorant of or extremely confused about. WE do NOT expect this situation to entirely disappear any time soon, nor do many of us necessarily strive hard to change it — but we do aim to change it for the better, to the extent we can, without striving improperly at all — and only to act in such harsh or gentle ways as conform to ultimate propriety of Justice, Unity, Liberty and Joyous Universal Love — and not many of the very obtuse and limited notions of it and its dictates which many people have come to have.

Justice is something the wise KNOW to be a very confusing concept to many, and that people have many diverse notions of what can or should be meant by such words, ranging from those considered very vile and evil to those considered very healthy and helpful to nearly all who are familiar with them. To ANY of you who want to HURT anyone or destroy your own lives or happiness or those of others needlessly, out of some deluded notions that justice requires it, we can currently say little more than this: WE truly pity you, and hope you can learn such things as will raise you out of your states of ignorance and confusion.

Unity in the greatest sense of which we mean it, certainly does NOT imply uniformity, sameness or monotony, as many of the simplistic might imagine are assumed, but a sense of the harmonious union of all things within the ALL — and one which celebrates and encourages many forms of broad diversity.

LIberty is the most essential ideal to emphasize and elaborate in many ways to mortal minds. SO long as Liberty is recognized and promoted as sacred the ways to proper forms of Justice and Unity in Truth are open — but where it is ignored or denied, and some shallow notions of propriety, civility or obedience are placed in its stead, one is clearly on the road to many forms of potential tyranny, injustice, destruction, decay, death and disasters, no matter how mild or subtle the initial steps might be.

Angelic Absurdist Awareness Alliances Edit

Promote Awakening Awareness of the Angelic Alliances born of Absurdism : Those who wish to join the ranks of assertive and acknowledged absurdists can devise or post such a statement as this — alter and revise it as your own coscience impels you to do. Some of you might naturally and PROPERLY choose to remain extremely RESERVED — as MANY of US also ARE — and seek to see what we actually DO over coming months and years — and there certainly need be no rush to join any of our minor or major alliances — we are generally a very patient bunch and encourage others to be so — even many of the most commonly frantic and frenetic among us — we cherish diversity.

I am an Absurdist Angel — or an Angelic Absurdist — or simply an Absurdist or simply an Angel — take your pick; I'm usually not too choosy or concerned about the names others choose to use.

I am one of many absurdists at work in this world, but we have no intention of making absurdists out of everyone we possibly can — that would be absurdly STUPID goal contrary to the ideals of genuinely vitalistic absurdism. I am one of those who rather seek to promote an absurdly broad and powerful tolerance and acceptance of many forms of truth and beauty, even those which cannot make much sense out of Absurdism and are hostile to many conceivable forms of it — whether or not they actually exist. As an absurdist I seek to promote profound and splendrous forms of "Peace, Love and Understanding" — but not the forms of vapid calm, extremely selfish lusts or mendacious and moronic monotony which pass for such among the most dreary of the dull, drab and stupid who seek to create even more vapid and vacuous forms of idiocy by enslaving dupes and dolts to the rules they can devise in ignorance and confusion about the actual Laws of Ultimate Reality and Necessity.

Though conceivably some might embrace the name of absurdism to promote many absurdly ugly and evil practices, because even the best forms of absurdism do reluctantly permit some forms of harshness and ambiguity which are often eagerly welcomed and promoted by the most perversely deranged, I assert that I am NOT one of those inclined to let the vilest forms of idiocy go unopposed, no matter what some might call them, and thus speaking for those types of Absurdists I to some extent fairly and honestly can and do represent, I will assert : WE intend to do no one any grievous harm or permanent injury — but we DO mean to do harm to ALL forms of ignorance, confusion, deceitfulnes and delusion which provide supports for tyranny, terrorism, error, fraud, or unjust oppression of ANYONE — and we intend to do this in increasingly clear and relentless and inexorable ways, which can and shall spread many forms of a devotion to Justice, Unity, Liberty and Joyous Universal Love of ALL.

To designate our particularly and peculiar brand of Absurdism or Angelic Alliances some of us are inclined to use odd characters that often permit further ambiguities of pronunciation, like asserting we are Ångels or promoters of Åbsurdism.

I will end this little declaration, with a reminder to abide in Awareness, Life, and Love, and to DO much as the great Saint Augustine of Hippo has advised: